Post-Doctoral position (M/F) “Convective dissolution in porous rock” Ref. Postdoc – CoDis
Dernier jour
Physique Appliquée, Energie
Laboratoire des Fluids Complexes et leur Réservoirs
Institution d'accueil
Autre institution
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, TOTALENERGIES SA
Ecole doctorale
Sciences exactes et leurs applications - ED 211


Emami-Meybodi et al. (2015) state “Among the published literature, relatively few studies have investigated convective mixing in heterogeneous porous media or in a 3D system.
Theoretical estimates of useful dissolution events such as the critical time for the onset of convection, and even the critical Rayleigh number are lacking for heterogeneous systems.
Furthermore, the additional degrees of freedom in more realistic 3D space may add significant complexity to the fingering phenomenon and the mixing dynamics, which needs further
investigation.” Only two research groups reported on convective dissolution experiments in 3D systems since the appearance of the review article of Emami-Maybodi et al., namely Wang et al. (2016) and Liyanage et al. (2019, 2020). Both employ X-ray tomography to analyze convective flow of analogue fluids in glass bead packs under ambient conditions. To our knowledge, convective dissolution in real porous media under representative reservoir conditions has not yet been attempted. The proposed postdoc project will focus on the  experimental study of convective dissolution under realistic conditions in 3D porous media by means of dynamic (time-resolved) X-ray tomographic imaging.

Compétences requises

We are looking for a highly motivated, communicative person with interest and background in the proposed research project.  The candidate should hold a PhD degree in physics, engineering or a similar discipline. Further competences in image analysis are a plus, as well as excellent experimental and technical skills. Prior experience with X-ray tomography and/or knowledge on multi-phase flow in porous media under reservoir conditions is also a plus.  The candidate should have the ability to effectively perform independent research. On the other hand, he/she should possess the necessary verbal and written communication skills to collaborate effectively in an international team environment and communicate his/her research to the broader public.  Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of French is an asset.

Mots clés

CO2 storage, porous media, microtomography

Offre financée

Type de financement
Montant du financement
2300 € Net / mois


Date limite de candidature 31/01/23

Durée12 mois

Date de démarrageDès que possible

Date de création10/12/22


Niveau de français requisAucun

Niveau d'anglais requisB2 (intermédiaire)


Frais de scolarité annuels0 € / an


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